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- About The Brand -

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Our Inspiration


The concept of Nuts and Seeds of providing organic and fresh products to our customers was largely inspired by Khun Apple. She was often sick and found herself going in and out of hospital care for a year. With her illness seemingly not to improve, she began to focus on ways she could improve her health. 

This is when she discovered that in addition to exercise, choosing the right food is absolutely important. She turned to natural foods that are rich in a variety of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Sourcing it naturally and organically also helps it develop natural fats that are good for the body.


Our products are part of our experience to make ourselves healthier. Each nut or fruit we recommend had been a huge part of our healing and it has proven its benefits as we find ourselves stronger and healthier than ever. 

About Us


Healthy  fruits, grains, and nuts can be eaten every day. It contains natural vitamins and fats to help lose weight naturally while staying healthy. Nuts and fruits are safe for all ages.

We assure that each product were selected from high quality and naturally sourced produce that were dried with no additives, oil, sugar or preservatives. We guarantee that each product that we deliver are fresh, fragrant, delicious, and healthy.

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